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Hazelnuts Grower  - Manufacturer  -  Trader

(Our Proud history)
08- 1995
He was one of first Hazelnut manufacturers in Turkey. After Graduating from Rüşdiye Mektebi (High School ), he started his first business as associated dealer of TEKEL (Tobacco ) in a small retail shop in the beginning of 1930's. He developed his business and become Dry goods and Staple foods wholesaler in the following years.(see) In the late 1930's he also started hazelnuts trading and founded his Hazelnut company. He built his Hazelnut factory in 1949 (see).

Mr. Sadettin SAMRIOĞLU successfully ran his company in the very hard and weak periods of Turkish economy(see)He believed areas great potential of Hazelnuts source and he always encouraged, motivated villagers to plant and grow Hazelnuts(see). He accomplished to be leader manufacturer and trader during his active business life. He was biggest Hazelnuts manufacturer in area (Akcakoca-Kocaali-Karasu (see), his increasing Hazelnuts purchases year after year have resulted in welfare and good return for these newly started growers. As a result, he and his business activities played very important role for area's economy and promising future.

He was supplier some of big hazelnut exporters in Istanbul. In order to meet their continuous demand, he bought 2.nd factory in 1955 and enlarged Hazelnuts production capacity up 15 tons Shelled hazelnuts daily. He ended his business activities in 1976 when he faced health problems. But he had always kept his eye on the family businesses afterwards.

Even now, Sadettin SAMRIOĞLU name is very well known in Sakarya province as well as in hazelnut sector. He was perfectionist, very attentive businessman and %100 tradesman. His name is still being recalled with his HONESTY, POLITENESS, GENTLEMANSHIP and ESTEEMED PERSONALITY

Hazelnuts Manufacturer  -  Trader - Exporter
1938 -                        

After completing primary education, he started to work as assistant mechanic in the factory. After several years,  his Father, Mr. Sadettin Samrıoğlu has bought him a minibus and he started to transportation. Soon after he completed his military duty, he started to assist his father in the shop and started his trade activities.  In following years, he become very successful business manager and took whole responsibilities of operation both in supermarket and factory.

He has succeeded in increasing the  businesses and  had a lots of  acquisitions, built  a new factory as well as  new large stores(see). He become first and authorized regional distributor of MASSEY FERGUSON, ARCELIK and other well-known brands in SAKARYA PROVINCE(see). He continued his business activities in transportation sector, owned Trucks and Busses and had a joint venture transportation companies operate nationally and internationally.

He had enabled to start to export in 1984 (first time in SAMRIOĞLU family) and  rebuilt  Hazelnut factory in 1989 and enlarged production capacity three times more than previous factory (see). Between 1970 and 1990,   Mr. Sezai SAMRIOGLU was unique MAJOR HAZELNUT MANUFACTURER and TRADER among  20 middle and small size hazelnut manufacturers in western Black Sea  area(see). As a largest Manufacturer and entrepreneur, Sezai SAMRIOĞLU achieved to become MARKET LEADER without rival for a long time in area.

Sezai SAMRIOĞLU  also managed to receive awards of   BIGGEST (or second biggest) TAX PAYER 17 times (see) and BIGGEST EXPORTER (5 times) in SAKARYA in most active time of his business life.

Hazelnut factory burned down in 1997 and restored and donated by Mr. Sezai SAMRIOĞLU with the high tech. machinery and equipment (see). This accident was followed by another territorial and  national disasters;  devastating  big earth earthquake in 1999 and Economical crisis in 2001. Not only himself, but whole industries also were affected badly in area. After that he stopped his business operations.


Hazelnuts and Dried  Fruits Exporter  -  International  Trader

1964 -

Third generation in hazelnut business (see). After graduation from  Public Administration - Marmara university (see), He become founder member of SAMRIOĞLU Tarım Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Hazelnut manufacturer/exporter company in origin; Sakarya) in 1988(see). He joined to Army(see)in 1989. After duty, founded his Hazelnut importer/wholesaler company: SAM NUTS GmbH in Munchen (Germany) in 1991. In the first period of his business career, he also studied International Trade and Foreign Languages (both English and German), received certificates (see).  After 1,5 years he returned back to Turkey and founded SAMEKS Fındık ürünleri İmalat ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti., a hazelnuts exporter company.

He also worked on Dried Fruits and Chestnuts(see), and has been selling/exporting these globally known Turkish Products for ages.

Between 1991 and 2001 he succeeded in exporting  Hazelnuts with 1 mil. Usd per year on the average while total SAMRIOĞLU group export was 3,5 million Usd (yearly). Beside the hazelnuts from his family factory, he also bought and exported Hazelnuts from other origins; in ordu and Giresun. He was successful exporter and succeeded in selling hazelnuts directly to chocolate industries like Ludwig Schokolade, Nestle and Kraft Jacobs Suchard for the first time in family. He worked actively in SAMRIOĞLU Group of Companies until they were closed in 2001.

Since then, he has been still  continuing  to supply his clients all around the world with Hazelnuts and above mentioned fruits from serious manufacturer partners in the homeland of products.

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